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    We are seeing a drop in patient visits.
    What can we do now to keep our patients engaged with us, so they take care of themselves while home and also come back when the
    Pandemic is over?
    We need a plan!

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    We are going to formulate some text messages and emails through WebPT Reach. The goal is engagement and not to overwhelm the patients with information they would not have received prior to COVID. We are going to break our patients into groups based on demographics and diagnosis so the information is as relevant as possible.


    Kathy has a great point here. You do not want to overwhelm people. They get so much scary info that providing them with true and useful data is the best approach. Another thing we started doing is calling patients just to say hi and see how they are doing. A simple call shows that we care. We ask them to call upon us if they need any help with anything. We show the sense of community
    I hope this helps


    This is very very helplful. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the Saturday forum!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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